Last friday, a new version of Dexie Cloud Server was published along with a new release of dexie-cloud-addon. We’re still in beta but we took one step forward.

Origins must now be whitelisted

Apps that connects to a database will now fail unless the app’s origin is whitelisted. This has been in the docs but…

Dexie Cloud is a sync service described here

It’s been a while since the last blog post on Dexie Cloud was out so here’s an update.

The initial beta was finally released in the end of June. The hard work is now behind us and there are only concrete and…

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A group of 150 developers from companies around the world will be trying out Dexie Cloud Beta over the summer and we are now closing to opportunity to apply for the private beta on our web page.

If you believe you still have good reasons to join the group, please contact us.

Stay tuned!

Chrome has historically been the most stable and fast implementation of IndexedDB compared to the other browsers, but running some tests today tells a different story. It’s still the most stable (or 2nd most after Firefox) but the speed has fallen behind.

When I open Dexie’s simple performance fiddle, it…

Over hundred people have applied so far for the Dexie Cloud private beta program. A big Thank You! to all. I’m really looking forward to launch the service for you and start getting your precious feedback on it!

If you haven’t applied yet for the private beta program, you’re still…

No browser’s devtools allow you to export or import an IndexedDB database (as of 2020–12–17), but you can invoke dexie and dexie-export-import on any page and make it do the export for you.

NOTE: This is a hack to export it from devtools on a client without controlling the web…

Using Dexie in React will become a greater experience

Until now, Dexie’s strength has been to be promise based a wrapper around IndexedDB but now we are taking steps to make it easier to use Dexie in front-end libraries. The first one we focus on is React.

At the core, we want Dexie.js to be able to observe queries…

I just created a stackblitz ToDo app based on the latest invention for Dexie.js — liveQuery().

The coolness of this is how simple it is to create components that displays and observes what’s in the DB. No need to useEffect() or anything — just declare what you want to…

Improved error resilience, typing correctness and bug fixes in some edge cases, I recommend everyone to update! If you’re still on version 1 or 2, give dexie@3 a try. Dexie is almost completely backward compable between 3.x and 2.x and all the way down to version 1.4 and there are bug fixes and improvements that your app may benefit from.

NOTE: If you’re interested in the upcoming liveQuery feature, try the even newer dexie@3.1.0-alpha.6 version.

Release notes for dexie 3.0.3 on github.

Yes. This is my very first blog post on medium. Hold tight for new blog posts about javascript, Dexie, databases and visions for the future of app development.

David Fahlander

Author of Dexie.js. Passionate about simplifying app development. Javascript. Isomorphic app, data fetching and React.

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