Dexie.js is now transferred from to Existing clones will continue work as normal but the new official repo address has changed to

According to GitHub’s docs, existing forks and clones shall not be affected by the transfer as GitHub will continue to redirect the old repo location to the new one.

Links etc will be updated on the docs, but the since the old links are redirects, there’s no rush to update them.

I just published the road map for Dexie 4.0. It’s a bit in the future but I feel it’s important to communicate where we’re heading. We get hundreds of new users every day into that learn about it for the first time and I believe the road map can be an important decision making factor when choosing a library.

We will soon release an early alpha of Dexie 4.0 with a tiny subset of the features from 4.0. The initial alpha may only contain a small subset of the new features. The development will then go forward together with the early adopters. The 3.x branch will be maintained in parallell.

I’ve created a new Github Discussion for feedback and comments on the road map.

The upcoming next release of dexie-cloud-addon will based on the initial 4.0 alpha.

David Fahlander

Author of Dexie.js. Passionate about simplifying app development. Javascript. Isomorphic app, data fetching and React.

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